by Joyce
(Georgia )

WOW! The End of June I noticed my husband had lost about 15 pounds. I was concerned, but we had really been working in the yard a lot and own our own restaurant. Then he had an ache in his upper abdomen. Not a bad ache but just annoying. Then it became a little worse. On our way to work one day I noticed the whites of his eyes looked yellow. I called our doctor and told him the symptoms, and he told us to be in his office immediately.

This is when my world turned upside down. After so many test we heard the word pancreatic CANCER. The doctors told us it was in the head of his pancreas. Told us chemo and radiation was not an option. Our only hope was a Whipple Procedure. A plastic stent was put in his bile duct. We began to prepare for this complicated operation.

The doctors told us it would be a six to eight hour operation. After two hours the doctors called me in the conference room to tell me that it wasn't going to work. The mass had wrapped it's self around all the veins and arteries.

Spent a week in the hospital. Went back to the doctor and told us all we had now was to try the chemo.

We start Wednesday.

I have truly never been so scared in all my life.

My husband and I have been married 32 years. We work hand n hand together seven days a week. We are never apart. We are both southern baptists Christians.

We know God has a plan for our lives. It's just so hard to see my 198 pound love of my life turn into a 149 pound skeleton.

I pray so hard they will find a cure for this horrible horrible disease. My prayers are also for anyone going through this.

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Oct 08, 2014
Lifting you Up...
by: Jane

Dear Joyce,
This pancreatic cancer journey can be so very hard. My heart aches for what you and your husband are going thru... Please know that you are not alone, sending hugs of hope and encouragement to you today. I know that your husband is so blessed to have you by his side...May you be graced with peace and great love and wisdom as you journey this road, Always, Jane

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