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If you talk to my mom about alternative pancreatic cancer treatment, you will get an earful. My mom is a rational, sensible human being. She's practical and down-to-earth with a bend toward the scientific. She's been a registered nurse for over 30 years and has a passion for the medical field.

So it will come as no surprise that she is skeptical of "miracle cancer cures." She's known enough doctors to know that there's no conspiracy, no pharmaceutical cover-ups, just sincere, for the most part, honest, compassionate men and women who truly want their patients to live. Not good for their reputation when the patients die on them. So if there are cancer "cures" out there, most doctors would be using them to save their patients. And that's the basis of mom's alternative pancreatic cancer treatment philosophy.

However. . .

When your back's against the wall and you discover you have a terrible, terminal illness, and the doctor's aren't holding out much hope, it is surprising what you will consider.

And we've considered a number of alternative treatments. We haven't tried them all, but we've researched, discussed and debated. Join us for the conversation:

The pH Miracle Cure touted by Dr. Robert Young was one of the first on our pancreatic cancer alternative treatment list. It came to our attention through a local "celebrity" by the name of Kim Tinkham. Follow the discussion here. 

It was a story with a very sad ending, and mom has since given up eating alkaline. Her goal nowadays is simply to eat enough calories to keep her weight steady.

Another form of alternative treatment that we've researched and are trying is Barley Life Supplements. These supplements may not actually be considered as an alternative pancreatic cancer treatment, but more as an aid in keeping mom's blood counts high enough to continue chemotherapy. This is an ongoing experiment on our part and you can read about the success or lack thereof here. 

One area that is receiving a lot of attention as of late, is the field of nutrition. Many of our health crises are a direct result of poor nutrition. Now, I would be the first to argue that poor diet does not cancer least not completely. There are whole studies showing the link between what we eat and what we become. In particular, science is turning up some amazing,Super Cancer Fighting Foods, that we are adding to mom's pancreatic cancer diet. As a matter of fact, I'm adding them to my diet too.

And speaking of diets, there is an actual cancer diet that we have researched and tried. It is called The Flaxseed Oil and Cottage Cheese Diet. The science behind this diet is very interesting and worth taking a look at. As always, research carefully and talk with your health care professional before trying any self-administered cancer therapy, including these diets. 

We are still debating the merits of acupuncture. Mom is considering trying it to help alleviate the constant pain. She would like to reduce the amount of narcotics she has to take for the pancreatic cancer pain, but is still not convinced acupuncture will do it. I, being the curious one, decided to try it myself. Click on the above link on acupuncture to hear about my experience... 

Our local health food store is encouraging mom to try Essiac Tea. This is an herbal tea containing Sheep Sorrel and Burdock Root along with several other herbs. These herbs, or combination of them is claimed to kill cancer cells and boost the immune system. However, there are many warnings attached to this product, and to date, we have chosen not to use it. 

WARNING: Be very careful when using the internet to research your illness and treatment options. I have made sure the medical disclaimer is on every page of my web-site. I am not a doctor. Nor do I have any association with any of these alternative pancreatic cancer treatments. Nothing on this website should be considered medical advice!

Always talk over your treatment options with your doctor and/or medical team. Mom has chosen to use conventional, orthodox cancer treatment for her pancreatic cancer. She has also included several supplemental treatments with her doctor's approval to further enhance her treatment. Her one bit of advice on this issue is "first do no harm." This is ancient advise to all physicians, and very applicable here. Should you opt to try some of these alternative treatments, follow up with tests and diagnostics to make sure you are doing no harm to your body. Remember Kim Tinkham's story. This young, vibrant woman lost her life trying to "heal herself."

When choosing your cancer treatment there are many avenues to pursue, perhaps an alternative pancreatic cancer treatment will resonate for you, or perhaps you will choose the traditional therapies as mom did.

Whichever path you take, praying for wisdom, strength and healing in abundance!

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