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Robert Young is the creator of the pH Miracle Diet. He believes that cancer is an acidic condition of the body fluids and can be treated with a strict diet of alkaline-rich foods. His pH diet came to our attention as a possible cancer treatment after we watched Kim Tinkham discussing it on the Oprah Show.

Kim was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in February of 2007. Her doctors recommended immediate surgery, followed by chemotherapy and possible radiation. She questioned their advice and set out to find her own answers. Not long before her diagnosis, she had seen The Secret aired on the Oprah Show and decided to adopt its message of positive thinking and "heal herself." She wrote to Oprah of her decision and soon found herself as a guest on the Oprah Show.

The following is an excerpt from that show:

The doctor she claims to have agreed to work with her is Robert Young. His answer was the pH Miracle Diet. On his website, pH Miracle Living, he claims that if you want to lose weight, improve your diabetes or cancer situation, or just want more energy, then an alkaline diet is the way to go.

Kim appeared to adhere to his treatment plan and all went well for several years. However, Kim died of the disease on December 7, 2010.

The pH diet is interesting on several levels. For one, it makes the cure to cancer palatable. No surgery, chemo or radiation. No nausea, hair loss or fatigue. Very enticing. And for another, the pH diet does make some sense biologically. Alkaline rich foods are all the good, healthy foods that we are admonished to eat. The list is long and includes such items as Asparagus, Artichokes, Cabbage, Lettuce, Onion, Cauliflower, Radish, Leeks, Spinach, Turnip, Carrot, Green Beans, Garlic, Grases (wheat, straw, barley, etc.), Broccoli, Greens, Avocados, Tomatos, Grapefruit, Almonds, Lentils, Pumkin and Sunflower Seed.

Foods that are acid-producing and that should be avoided are the ones you'd expect. Anything high in sugar, saturated fats, most dairy and animal proteins. The list is fairly typical of the average american's diet today: all meats, with the exception of some seafood, like salmon, all dairy products, such as milk, egg, cheese, cream, yogurt and ice cream, all sweets, chocolate, microwave meals and fast foods, as well as fatty nuts, like peanuts, cashews and pistachios.

So if you ate a healthy diet of mostly vegetables and fish, you're already on your way to the pH Miracle Diet. Unfortunately for pancreatic cancer patients, weight loss is already a problem. You need calories to keep up your weight and strength. Mom found out rather quickly that the pH Miracle Diet was lacking in quality calories.

And the news of Kim Tinkham's death from cancer certainly helped mom make her decision. She will continue with the standard course of treatment her doctors had already prescribed and that, despite many difficult side effects, has been bringing the cancer tumor marker down and extending mom's life. Kim tried the alkaline diet and positive thinking. These are good measures and most likely won't hurt a soul, but they are not enough in our opinion.

So, mom will eat well, think positive and stay the course with chemo and radiation. All in all, a well-rounded pancreatic cancer treatment plan. 

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