The world lost the most amazing man, my daddy on December 31, 2015.

He only lived 50 days after being diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer. He was only 64 and was healthy up until he got diagnosed.

The day he got diagnosed he had asked me to take him to the ER Because he was having some gas pains. He had been to the doctor earlier that day and they suspected he was having trouble with his gallbladder. When he had me take him to the ER he had been having trouble sleeping because of gas.

In my 40 years of life, my Dad had never been hospitalized or anything. Watching the lady do the ultrasound looking for gallstones I knew there was something wrong.

We had been through this before and something about the way she was doing the test instinctually told me. My step-mother had passed away at the age of 64 in 2009 of Pancreatic Cancer and my Dads little sister passed away in 2008 at the age of 50 of Pancreatic Cancer. So when we learned that Dad had this we knew it was no good!

My aunt had caught hers at stage 1 and she was able to have the Whipple procedure and she lived a little more then 2 years past diagnosis. My step-mom was stage IV and lived 6 months. My Dad was not so lucky.

He developed an intestinal blockage but we were working through it and even spent the last evening of his life at the casino. The next morning I found him on the floor dazed and after calling the paramedics and him being taken to the hospital he started vomiting blood and I guess he went into shock and within 6 hours my hero was gone.

I could not be more devastated.

I miss him every waking moment. My heart is so broken and my life doesn't feel right. My Dad and I had a closeness and we talked nearly everyday. I love him so much and would give everything I have to have just 1 hour loving on him! I cannot wait to see him in Heaven!

I love you Daddy!


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Mar 22, 2016
So sorry
by: Lisa

I am so sorry for your loss. I am likewise missing my brother, who we lost the day after Christmas. Love and prayers.

Mar 21, 2016
Kind words
by: Christina

Mandy, this is such a sweet, loving tribute to our dad. We were so blessed to have a dad that loved us as much as he did. ❤️

Mar 21, 2016
We miss him dearly
by: Anonymous

Beautiful tribute to your dad. He was an honorable, loyal, dedicated and loving father, grandfather and friend. He is missed every day and loved beyond measure. We will see him again one day.

Mar 21, 2016
Sweetest Tribute
by: Jane

I can feel the ache in every word you share... please accept my deepest sympathies for your loss. It should never be that one family would have such an experience over and over again with Pancreatic Cancer... my heart just breaks for your grief.

Your Daddy was blessed to have you walk this journey with him. The love you shared cannot be shaken and it will be a light for your path in weeks to come. I know he is proud of your tribute, but even more proud of you.

Lifting you and your family up in prayers, Trusting a Grace-giving God to hold you close, Always, Jane

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