Common Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms

Pancreatic Cancer is often called the silent killer because the pancreatic cancer symptoms are so vague. Patients often put off going to the doctor or are misdiagnosed when they do go, simply because the signs of pancreatic cancer mimic other diseases and are so general in the early stages.

That was our case with mom. Her symptoms began months before her diagnosis. We can look back and see that now. She had some increasing indigestion, vague feelings of unwellness and a nagging pain just under her ribcage. Nothing her general practioner was too worried about.

But, take a look at this list of common symptoms of pancreatic cancer:

1) Weight Loss and Loss of Appetite, unexplained and unintended

2) Abdominal Pain, often a dull ache in the upper belly, sometimes radiating around to the back

3) Jaundice, the yellowing of your skin and the whites of your eyes

4) General Malaise or feeling of unwellness

5) Nausea, Bloating, Indigestion

6) Diarrhea and/or clay-colored stools

7) Itching

Mom had only 3 of these common symptoms.

Check here for a great article and explanation about pancreatic cancer symptoms and how they can affect you. 

Mom was lucky. She had the gut intuition that something more was going on. She forced the issue with her general doctor, and when that didn't get her anywhere, she made her own appointment with a gastroenterologist.

Don't take a No when it's your health, your body.

Do something about it.

If you think you are exhibiting any of these classic symptoms, go to you doctor and keep calling until you get the answers you need.

Your life may depend on it. 

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