My whipple experience

by Richard Delle Donne
(Saddle Brook, NJ USA)

It's been 1 year since my whipple surgery was performed at Hackensack University Medical Center in NJ by an amazing surgeon, Dr. Marson Davidson. I was in surgery for 12 straight hours and was kept unconscience for 1 full day after surgery. After successful removal of the tumor and a 10 day hospital stay I was released and sent home to continue the recovery process. After 1 year the only problems I seem to have is I am not breaking down fatty foods properly and have multiple foul smelling bowel movements almost everyday. Imodium helps with this problem. Doc says I should take pancreatic enzymes to solve that issue. The only other issue is fatique and the stomach area is still tender to the touch. Other than those things my surgeon says I am recovering great. He pushed me to 6 month visits now. So far so good. Good luck to all and God Bless.

Rich D

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Jun 11, 2015
Thank You Vinny
by: Jane

Thanks for sharing Vinny... it is so helpful to hear how you are coping with the challenges that come with The Whipple and paying it forward for others. It will make the difference for someone reading this! Praying you are continually feeling stronger and finding your days blessed with love, In Grace, Always, Jane

Jun 10, 2015
non digestive and diabteic now
by: Vinny B

Hi there my name is Vinny I'm 39 I too just had a
whipple procedure I have VHL I'm not going into details but mine I deal with NIH rare diease professionals. I had no other option but to have
it done it was already stunted by tumors.
But back to my surgery done in at 8 hrs had my spleen, gall bladder, pancrease part of my GI tract and stomach removed and reattached.
I was home in 7 days could of stayed longer but home sometimes is the best place to heal. Mentally not to much unless you have socializing skills depression suck let me tell you.
So back to your smell issues for me they gave me Zenpep(pancrelipase) take 2-4 a meal depending on the size of the meal maybe 1 with a small snack.
and correct if I'm wrong but you should be diabetic too. I know I am .So I to struggle with those foul gas poop and burp smells but the more you take it the better it gets stay away from greasy foods. ok bye

Nov 14, 2013
Very Encouraging!
by: Jane


Thank you for sharing your story. It is so very encouraging to hear that your recovery is going well. Knowing that pancreatic cancer can be beat through surgery is one of the most encouraging things we can share. There is Hope...

Praying for continued improvement and moments of great joy as you celebrate this Grace-filled Season.

Always, Jane

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